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Pao-Ann Hsiung's Year 2000 Publications

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    International Journal Papers

  1. P.-A. Hsiung, " CMAPS: A Cosynthesis Methodology for Application-Oriented Parallel Systems , " ACM Transactions on Design Automation of Electronic Systems, Vol. 5, No. 1, pp. 51-81, January 2000.

  2. P.-A. Hsiung, " Hardware-Software Timing Coverification of Concurrent Embedded Real-Time Systems," IEE Proceedings on Computers and Digital Techniques, Vol. 147, No. 2, pp. 83 - 92, March 2000.

  3. J.-M. Fu, T.-Y. Lee, P.-A. Hsiung, and S.-J. Chen, " Hardware-Software Timing Coverification of Distributed Embedded Systems ," To appear in IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems, Vol. E83-D, No. 9, pp. 1731 - 1740, September 2000 (accepted in May 2000).

  4. P.-A. Hsiung, " Embedded Software Verification in Hardware-Software Codesign, " To appear in Journal of Systems Architecture --- the Euromicro Journal, Vol. 46, No. 15, pp. 1435 - 1450, Elsevier Science, the Netherlands, December 2000 (accepted in June 2000).

  5. Books

  6. P.-A. Hsiung, Program Chair, Proc. of the International Workshop on Distributed System Validation and Verification (DSVV'2000, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC), April 2000.

  7. International Conference Papers

  8. P.-A. Hsiung, F. Wang, R.-C. Chen, " On the Verification of Wireless Transaction Protocol Using SGM and RED ," Proc. the 7th IEEE International Conference on Real-Time Computing Systems and Applications (RTCSA'00, Korea), pp. 379-383, IEEE Computer Society Press, USA, December 2000.

  9. P.-A. Hsiung, " Synthesis of Parametric Embedded Real-Time Software, " Proc. International Computer Symposium (ICS'00), Workshop on Computer Architecture, pp. 144-151, (Chiayi, Taiwan), ISBN 957-02-7308-9, December 2000.

  10. P.-A. Hsiung, " Concurrent Embedded Real-Time Software Verification," Proc. the 24th IEEE Computer Society International Computer Software and Applications Conference (COMPSAC'00, Taipei), pp. 516-521, IEEE Computer Society Press, USA, October 2000.

  11. J.-M. Fu, W.-B. See, P.-A. Hsiung, J.-M. Chao, and S.-J. Chen, " A Java-Based Distributed System Framework for Real-Time Development ," Proc. of the International Workshop on Distributed Real-Time Systems (IWDRS'2000, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC), pp. B-31 - B-36, April 2000.

  12. Local Conference Papers

  13. P.-A. Hsiung, " Object-Oriented Technology Transfer to Hardware-Software Codesign of Embedded Real-Time Systems," Proc. of the 11th OOTSIG Workshop on Object-Oriented Technology and Applications (THU, Taiwan), pp. C-14 - C-21, September 2000.

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