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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Hello! Following are some FAQs for your kind reference. You may mail your questions to me at pahsiung@cs.ccu.edu.tw.

  1. Which web browsers are supported?
    Currently, only IE-5.5 or IE-6.0, and Netscape 6.0 are supported.

  2. Can I discuss anything I like on the Discussion Board?
    Sure, but nothing vulgar, or illegal, or indecent please.

  3. What are all the strange characters that I see on some of your pages?
    They are Chinese BIG5 font characters. Sorry, if you cannot decipher them please just ignore them and read the English part.

  4. Who is maintaining this site?
    Me! Pao-Ann Hsiung! :)

  5. Why are you maintaining this site?
    Helps me learn web technologies and page construction.

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