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Pao-Ann Hsiung's Year 2006 Publications

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    International Conferences

  1. J.-Y. Chien, C.-Y. Wu, K.-H. Lin, P.-A. Hsiung, "RFID-based Automatic Airport Baggage Handling System," Proceedings of the International Computer Symposium, (ICS), Volume 1, pp. 62-67, December 2006.

  2. P.-A. Hsiung, S.-W. Lin, Y.-R. Chen, C.-H. Huang, J.-J. Yeh, H.-Y. Su n, C.-S. Lin, and H.-W. Liao, "Model Checking Timed Systems with Urgencies," Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Automated Technology fo r Verification and Analysis (ATVA, Beijing, China), LNCS Vol. 4218, pp. 67-81, Springer-Verlag, Octobe r 2006. Acceptance Rate = 35/137 = 25.6% )

  3. P.-A. Hsiung, C.-H. Huang, and C.-F. Liao, "Perfecto: A SystemC-based Performance Evaluation Framework for Dynamically Partially Reconfigurable Systems," Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Field Programmable Logic and Applications, (FPL'2006, Madrid, Spain), IEEE CS Press, August 2006. (accepted as full paper, Acceptance Rate = 85/307 = 27.7% for full papers)

  4. C.-H. Tseng and P.-A. Hsiung, "A UML-Based Design Flow and Partitioning Methodology for Dynamically Reconfigurable Systems," Proceedings of the 3rd International DAC Workshop, UML for SoC Design (UML-SOC'2006, San Franciso, CA, USA), July 2006.

  5. Local Conferences

  6. C.-H. Huang, S.-S. Chang, and P.-A. Hsiung, "Generic Wrapper Design for Dynamic Swappable Hardware IP in Partially Reconfigurable Systems," Proceedings of the VLSI Design / CAD Symposium, August 2006.

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