Graduate Student Recruiting 研究所新生指南
Pao-Ann Hsiung 熊博安


Hello!!! First of all, CONGRATULATIONS and WELCOME to CCU-CSIE!!! You are at the onset of a new venture into exciting new fields of research and study!!! I sincerely hope you treasure the precious time that you will be spending here with us all!!!

This is a simple FAQ for you to solve the many riddles in your head. If you still have doubts uncleared and questions unanswered and if you are still interested in joining our lab, please come meet me!

What kind of advisor are you?

It has been well-said that there are three kinds of graduate advisors:
  1. DICTATOR (獨裁式): Tells you what to do and what not to do throughout your research life in graduate school.
  2. LAISSEZ-FAIRE (自由式): Does not tell you anything throughout your research period in school.
  3. COACH (教練式): Tells you how to do research, but you need to find your own research topic and will either answer your questions or teach you how to find the answers to your question.
I am of the COACH type. So, if you want to learn how to do research and is willing to be very, very active in your research, you are most welcome to come and talk with me.

Can I meet you to discuss about joining the CCU Embedded Systems Lab?

You are most welcome to meet me at my office (工程一館 512 室). I have the following conditions which you are requested to kindly satisfy before coming to meet me:
  1. Read my curriculum vita first. (Please take note of the research interests!)
  2. Browse through my publications. (Please at least read the titles of journal papers!)
  3. Take a peek at what research topics we are interested in.
  4. Take a look at what projects we will be involved in the coming years.
  5. Prepare a brief plan of your future research in oral (5 minutes).
  6. You must have a fairly good command over the English language, or at least a good comprehension of technical writings.

What kinds of research or projects are you doing now?

We are currently interested and working in the following fields of research:

What kinds of students are you looking for?

This is a difficult question to answer briefly. Face to face and eye to eye contacts are very important for me to accept or reject you. However, if you are an active, well-motivated person who is looking for an academic career with a possible PhD pursuit after Masters, you will be listed with the topmost priority in my list. However, this prioritization in no way should deter you from joining our lab or meeting me if you are not bent on pursuing a PhD. A very deep interest in system design and verification, including both theory and practice, is a must for all students on the list.

Am I qualified to join the Embedded Systems Lab?

Qualification is always a basic minimum and that covers a basic understanding of computer architecture, operating system, and programming skills. Besides these technical stuffs, you MUST be SELF-MOTIVATED and ACTIVE.

Is there any monthly stipend if I join the lab?

Yes, each and every member is given a uniform monthly stipend depending on the amount of project budgets divided by the current number of students. However, each and every member is also required to carry out projects in different research groups.

What is your graduation condition?

For Master students, you need to have at least one conference publication, accepted or published, before you can graduate. For doctorate students, you must satisfy all the department graduation rules AND only when I think you can be called Dr. ... (it is really difficult to set a metric or a rule here!)

What are the rules for my Thesis or Dissertation?

Here is the list:

Should I have any language skills?

Yes, you need to be generally proficient in English, which includes reading English papers, writing your full Thesis or Dissertation in English, presenting papers orally in English, and communicating with me and others in the research community in English (through e-mails, etc.). So, it is very important that you have a very good command over English as a working language.

Do I have any other obligations if I join the lab?

Yes, you are supposed to play some kind of administrative role for the lab, which is for the welfare of the whole lab and all members of the lab. This obligation is required because the lab is self-sufficient and self-governed.

What are the lab rules, if any?

I do not set any rules for the lab. As I said the lab is self-sufficient and self-governed. Each member is obliged to perform some kind of adminstrative role within the lab. I only try to persuade students to do what they should be doing in the lab, but it is NOT required to complete whatever you need to complete IN the lab, you can complete it anywhere you feel comfortable!

Can I play games or watch videos in the lab?

You can do what you like as long as you do not cause trouble for others and as long as you finish what you are supposed to be accomplishing. Games and videos are not encouraged during office hours (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM)!!!

How many meetings will we be having once I join the lab?

We have many, many, many meetings for hours and hours. First, we have a weekly group meeting where you are supposed to make a presentation on your topic of research or survey. Your turn comes once in three months (this is the current rate based on the current number of lab members). This is usually for two hours. Second we have a weekly project meeting for each project group (we have four project groups now, that is, May 2006). This is usually for two hours each and sometimes more than that for the formal verification group. We have personal meetings with each and every second year Master students and PhD students on a weekly basis. This is for one hour on average, but may extend to two or even three hours, if we are brainstorming something very, very exciting!

What kinds of extra-curricular activities do we have for the lab members?

We have a freshman welcome party, a new year party, and intermittent activities depending on our financial situation and our interests.

Where can I go for more details?

Click here for more details!

Did you answer all of my questions and clear all my doubts?

Aha! Of course not! Otherwise, you would not need to meet me! You are welcome!

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Created: November 28, 2002.
Last Updated: March 7, 2017.