URLs to Hardware/Software Co-Design Research
Original link: http://www.ece.cmu.edu/~thomas/hsURL.html

The following URLs were originally collected from the attendees at the 4th International Conference on Hardware/Software Codesign held in Pittsburgh, PA in March 1996. If you are doing research in this field and would like to have it represented on this page, please send e-mail to "thomas@ece.cmu.edu" and include your URL.

The 5th International Workshop on Hardware/Software Codesign is being planned. Click here and/or here for more information.

Canadian Microelectronics Corporation - System Design

Cadence - Piyushi Sancheti

Carnegie Mellon University -
IRESTE - Universite de Nantes - Jean Paul Calvez

Princeton University - Wayne Wolf

SCRA - RASSP Program

Technical University of Denmark - Lyngby Co-Synthesis System (LYCOS)

University of California, Berkeley - Hardware/Software Codesign Group

University of Cincinnati - Digital Design Environments Lab

University of Cincinnati - COMET Design Environment for Cosynthesis of DSP Systems

University of Illinois - Urbana - Integrated Embedded Systems Automation Group

Linkoping University, Sweden

University of New South Wales - Graham Hellestrand

University of New South Wales - Tommy King-Yin Cheung

University of Paderborn, Germany - Wolfram Hardt

University of Washington - Hardware/software Co-Synthesis System (The Chinook Project)