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SoC Design Flow and Tools

Digital Camera SoC Project

Last Updated: February 17, 2005
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This project is a semester course project which you have to complete in collaboration with at least one other student and at most two other students taking the class (which means your group consists of 2 to 3 persons).

A digital camera SoC is to be designed starting from the modeling and architecting phases right down to the design and implementation phases. You need to complete the following by the end of the project.

Check the download section of this web page for detailed description of the digital camera SoC from Prof. Vahid's book on Embedded Systems.

Presentation Schedule

To be announced later!

Demonstration Schedule

Approach me before June 7, 2005 for demonstrating your results. (E-mail)


DigCam SoC Introduction
(Chapter 7 of Frank Vahid's Textbook:
"Embedded System Design: A Unified Hardware/Software Introduction")

Download Source Files (from Vahid's book site)

Browse Source Files (at Vahid's book site)

Overview of Digital Camera SoC Source Files