SoC Design Flow and Tools

National Chung Cheng University
Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering


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Lecturer: Pao-Ann Hsiung

This course is primarily intended for students interested in how Systems-on-Chip (SoC) are designed at the system-level. A student taking this course will be introduced to SoC architectures, how it is to be modeled using system-level languages such as SystemC and Unified Modeling Language (UML), how hardware and software are to be codesigned, cosimulated, and coverified, how SoC is to be verified at each design levels, how SoC testing is to be performed, and how configurable processors such as Xtensa or ARCtangent are to be used in SoC design.

We will use a Digital Camera SoC as our vehicle to illustrate the different phases of an SoC design flow and also you will be required to complete this design by the end of the course. There will be several labs to get you familiarized with the different system-level CAD tools that can be used to design and verify an SoC. Labs will be introduced and assigned in the last half hour of a class once per two weeks. All labs are to be completed within two weeks after it is assigned. There will be a written midterm examination and a written final examination.

Reference Books || Topics || Grading || Dates/Deadlines

Reference books

    SoC Design

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    SoC Verification

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We will be covering the following topics in this course. Top


Your performance in this course will be graded as follows:
Mid-Term Exam30%
Final Exam30%
6 Labs24%

Dates and Deadlines

Assigned during last half hour of class
To be completed within TWO (2) weeks
Labs Details
April 19, 2005Mid-Term Examwritten, closed book
May 31, 2005Project Report & PresentationDetails
Before Final ExamProject DemonstrationDetails
June 7, 2005Final Examwritten, closed book