PDPTA'99 Codesign Session

Session Related Links

The following are links RELATED to the papers that will appear in the PDPTA'99 Codesign Session.
  1. Related URLs: Complete SI^2C specification and The DisCo project homepage
    Accepted Paper: Incremental Cospecification Using Objects and Joint Actions
    Authors: Risto Pitkanen and Harri Klapuri

  2. Related URL: DisCo Specification Language
    Accepted Paper: Codesign Requires Closed-System Specifications
    Author: Tommi Mikkonen

  3. Related URL: Wolfgang Bossung's Publication List
    Accepted Paper: Functional Specification of Distributed Digital Image Processing Systems by Process Interface Descriptions
    Authors: Wolfgang Bossung, Sorin Alexander Huss, Stephan Klaus, and Lars Wehmeyer

  4. Related URL: Romain Kamdem's Research
    Accepted Paper: Galois lattice Approach to Hardware/Software Partitioning
    Authors: Romain Kamdem and Patrick Njiwoua

  5. Related URL: Pao-Ann Hsiung's Research Interests
    Accepted Paper: A Case Study in Codesign of Distributed Systems -- Vehicle Parking Management System
    Authors: Trong-Yen Lee, Pao-Ann Hsiung, and Sao-Jie Chen

  6. Related URL: Rapid Prototyping for embedded control systems with hard real-time constrains
    Accepted Paper: Design Process and Tools for the HW/SW-Codesign and Rapid-Prototyping of Parallel and Heterogenous Real-Time Communication Systems
    Authors: Frank Slomka, Mathias Dorfel, Simone Spitz, and Richard Hofmann

  7. Related URL: CORE laboratory of KAIST-EE
    Accepted Paper: System-Theoretic Codesign Framework for Communication Layers of Network-of-Workstations
    Authors: Young Moo Lee and Kyu Ho Park

  8. Related URL: Randall Janka's Home Page
    Accepted Paper: Models of Computation for Specification and Design Methodology Frameworks for Parallel and Distributed Real-Time Embedded Multiprocessor Signal Processing Systems
    Authors: Randall Janka

  9. Related URL: http://www.iti.tu-graz.ac.at
    Accepted Paper: Combining different Models of Computation for Cosimulation of Heterogeneous Systems
    Authors: Christian Kreiner, Christian Steger, Reinhold Weiss

  10. Related URLs: Azizi's Home Page, Viewlogic, SunTest of Sun Microsystems, Inc, http://www.meng.com
    Accepted Paper: Multithreading-Based CoVerification Technique of HW/SW systems
    Authors: M. Azizi, E.-M. Aboulhamid, and S. Tahar

  11. Related URLs: Laboratorio de Sistemas Digitais , Intermidia,
    Accepted Paper: Hardware-Software Partition with Microcontrollers and CPLDs: A Case Study
    Authors: Walter Soto Encinas Jnior and Edson dos Santos Moreira

Last Updated: May 12, 1999.