Ching-Hsien Hsu || Robert || PhD
Chair Professor, College of Information and Electrical Engineering, Asia University, Taiwan
Dean, College of Information and Electrical Engineering, Asia University, Taiwan
Professor, Dept. Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan
President, Taiwan Association of Cloud Computing
Research Consultant, Dept. of Medical Research, China Medical University Hospital, China Medical University, Taiwan
Fellow of IET


We are recruiting new MS and Ph.D. students who is interested in the following research topics

- Cloud Computing, Edge Computing, Fog Computing

- Big Data Systems, Analytics and Intelligence

- Parallel and distributed computing

- Artificial Intelligence (AI)

- High Performance Computing

- Medical AI

Supervision - Ph.D. Degree Completed

  1. Shih-Chang Chen (陳世璋), “Developing GEN_BLOCK Redistribution Algorithms and Optimization Techniques on Parallel, Distributed and Multi-Core Systems,” July 2010.
  2. Tai-Lung Chen (陳泰隆), “Optimizing Communications and Job Scheduling in Heterogeneous Parallel Systems,” July 2010.
  3. Kenn Slangter, Load Balancing and Data Placement in MapReduce, July 2013.
  4. Yi-Ju Chiang (江依儒), Task Scheduling Mechanism and Resources Provisioning Management in Cloud Computing Systems, 2017
  5. Hojjat Baghban, Efficient Resource Provisioning in Federated Edge Computing Ecosystem, 2020


Supervision - Mater Degree Completed

  1. 陳旻昊, Efficient Algorithms for Symmetric Matrices Data Redistribution, January 2005.
  2. 羅嗣泰, Communication Optimizations of Data Parallel Programs on Cluster Grid, January 2005.
  3. 陳世璋, Efficient Scheduling Algorithms for Irregular GEN_BLOCK Transformations, July 2005.
  4. 藍朝陽, On Improving Scheduling Stability for Irregular Data Redistribution Based on Local Message Reduction, July 2006.
  5. 翁銘遠, Critical-Task Anticipation Scheduling Algorithm for Heterogeneous and Grid Computing, July 2006
  6. 陳泰龍, Performance Effective Pre-scheduling Strategy for Heterogeneous Communication Grid Systems, July 2006
  7. 林書源, Transmission Scheduling for Hidden Terminal Problems in Dynamic RFID Systems, July 2006
  8. 謝志偉, A Generalized Critical Task Anticipation Techniques for DAG Scheduling, January 2007
  9. 蔡秉儒, Performance Evaluation of Broadcasting Algorithms on Heterogeneous Network with One Port Model, July 2007
  10. 林正祥, An Adaptive Scheduling Technique Towards Efficient Transactions in Dynamic RFID Environments, July 2007
  11. 陳逸民, A Layered Optimization Approach for Redundant Reader Elimination in RFID Networks, July 2007
  12. 張永政, Efficient Methods for QOS Guided Rescheduling for Heterogeneous Systems, July 2007
  13. 朱金城, SRBFS: A User Level Grid File System for Linux, July 2007
  14. 邱純德, Data Distribution Methods for Communication Localization in Heterogeneous Multi-Clusters, July 2007
  15. 王俊清, Theoretical Analysis of Parallel Data Decomposition in Cluster Grids, July 2007
  16. 蔡明雄, Performance-Effective and Contention-Free Broadcasts on Irregular Network with Heterogeneous Workstations, July 2008
  17. 許志貴, On Improving Message Passing in Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Overlay Networks, July 2008
  18. 薛仁豪, On Improving Tag Anti-Collision Techniques towards High Throughput and Reliable RFID Services, July 2008
  19. 郁家豪, Indoor Localization Scheme in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Accelerometer Information, July 2008
  20. 余東陸, On Improving File Searching in Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Systems, July 2008
  21. 張智鈞, QoS and Economic Adaptation Scheduling for Bag-of-Tasks Applications in Service Oriented Grids, July 2008
  22. 李昆河, QoS Based Parallel File Transfer for Grid Economy, July 2008
  23. 黃義彬, An Enhanced Query Tree (EQT) Protocol for Memoryless Tag Anti-Collision in RFID Networks, July 2009
  24. 李榮崇, An Adaptive Anti-Collision Algorithm towards Efficient RFID Tag Identification, July 2009
  25. 朱家緯, An Efficient and Economic file Transfer using P2P Co-allocation in Grids, July 2009
  26. 秦允求, Reducing Cross-ISP traffic using an Adaptive Peer Collaboration Strategy in BitTorrent, July 2009
  27. 陳彥鈞, Power Consumption Optimization of MPI Programs on Multi-Core Clusters, July 2009
  28. 李開文, A Web Based Lightweight P2P Storage Cloud Middleware, July 2010
  29. 林志鴻, Variable Length Encoding for Backward Channel Protection in RFID Systems, July 2010
  30. 徐一中, Economic Based and QoS Adaption Method for Scheduling Bag-of-Tasks in Grids, July 2010
  31. 陳惟昭, Minimizing Redundant Link in Gnutella Network, July 2010
  32. 陳柏宇, A Time Based Encoding Algorithm towards Secure RFID Transmission, July 2011
  33. 陳民財, An Adaptive Anti-collision and Anti-interference Protocol toward Efficient RFID Systems, July 2011
  34. 陳民倉, A Pre-Detection Query Tree Protocol for Tag Collision Arbitration in RFID Systems, July 2011
  35. 陳易榕, Binary Splitting Techniques for Efficient Tag Identification in High Density RFID Systems, July 2011
  36. 魏佳瑩, Distance Based Optimization for Eliminating Redundant Readers in RFID Networks, July 2011
  37. 陳克豪, A Novel Load Balancing Method for Programming Efficient MapReduce Applications, July 2011
  38. 謝任桓, Deterministic Query Tree Protocol for Efficient Identification of Known Tags, January 2012
  39. 張弘裕, On Customization of Virtual Cluster and Its Performance Analysis, July 2012
  40. 謝杰甫, An Application of Symmetric Cryptosystem on RFID Security, July 2012
  41. 陳繼智, A Hierarchical Slot Detection Technique Towards Efficient Tag Identification, July 2012
  42. 鍾竣耀, Reader Overlap Analysis for Redundant RFID Reader Elimination in RFID Systems, July 2012
  43. 趙建民, Multi-Way Pre-Detection Query Tree Protocol, July 2012
  44. 蔡宗輝, Dynamic Data Partitioning and Virtual Machine Mapping Towards Efficient Data Intensive Computation with Heterogeneous MapReduce, July 2013
  45. 曾仁祺 2013
  46. 林為閔, Power Efficient Strategy for Deploying Virtual Clusters, July 2013
  47. 洪智偉, Locality Aware Multi-Phase Pre-Copy Strategy for Virtual Machine Live Migration, July 2013
  48. 徐仁淳, Corelation Technique for SQL to NoSQL Transformation, July 2014
  49. 蘇忠民, Scheduling Wireless Sensors Networks with Power Consumption Classification Mechanism, July 2014
  50. 彭聖儒, Accelerating Data Intensive Applications With MapReduce Runtime Optimization, July 2014
  51. 于耕莘, Scheduling Multiple Workflow with QoS Constrants, July 2014
  52. 游景涵, Study on Energy Consumption of Virtual Machine Planning, July 2015
  53. 林詩婷, Optimizations for Live Migration of Virtual Cluster in Wide Area Network, 2016
  54. 劉宗元, Dynamic Virtual Machine Placement Towards Energy Efficient Cloud Data Center, 2016
  55. 林憲志, Toward High-Availability Container as a Service on Mesos Cluster with Disributed Shared Volume, 2017
  56. 林浚淳, CaaS-Based Dynamic Container Placement Towards Energy Efficient Cloud Data Center, 2017
  57. 林靜, Sentiment Analysis and Event Prediction Based on Spark Streaming - A Study on Twitter, 2020
  58. 陳憲一, Toward Efficient Global Text Mining on Horizontal Hybrid NoSQL Systems, 2020
  59. 蕭智文, Towards Secure Cloud Machine Learning Based on TensorFlow, 2020
  60. 徐瑞壕, Preprocessing Optimization and Performance Comparison for NoSQL Join Based on Spark, 2020
  61. Nithin Melala Eshwarappa, Cloud Computing Based Deep Learning for Tumour Image Detection and Classification with Data-Augmentation, 2020
  62. 龍致瑄, Dynamic Partition Redistribution for Optimizing Apache Kafka Stream Data Processing, 2021
  63. Kusuma Amilineni, Investigating and Optimizing Apache Kafka Throughput and Latency for Streaming Applications in Clouds, 2022