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Embedded System Program Design

National Chung Cheng University
Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering


Lecturer: Pao-Ann Hsiung

This course is primarily intended for students interested in learning how embedded software is to be designed efficiently and correctly. A student taking this course will be introduced to embedded systems, fundamentals of hardware design and architecture, different architectures for embedded software, the tools to get you started on embedded software design, the typical pitfalls of embedded software design and how to avoid them, real-time and embedded operating systems, how embedded software is to be designed in an RTOS-based system, and how embedded software is to be debugged.

Textbooks || Topics || Grading || Dates/Deadlines


  1. An Embedded Software Primer An Embedded Software Primer, David E. Simon, Addison Wesley, ISBN:020161569X, 1999.
  2. Programming Embedded Systems with C and GNU Development Tools Programming Embedded Systems with C and GNU Development Tools, 2nd Edition, Michael Barr and Anthony Massa, O'Reilly Media Inc, 2006.


We will be covering the following topics in this course. Top


Your performance in this course will be graded as follows:
Mid-Term Exam25%
Final Exam25%
Labs & Assignments30%

Dates and Deadlines

2-3 weeks after noticeLab or AssignmentsLabs || Assignments
November 13, 2007Project ProposalDetails
November 13, 2007Mid-Term Exam(tentative)
January 8, 2008 Project Report & Presentation
January 15, 2008Final Exam(tentative)