Jan. 8, 2016: Paper submission instructions and paper preparation instructions are ready.

Dec. 21, 2015: Workshop website online!



Nowadays, smart phone and portable devices are very popular. They are convenient for us to access social networks, communicate with friends, and sense various contextual information. The emergence of mobile devices promotes the development of social media and multimedia big data. Geographical information, social interaction, photos/videos, and other contextual information captured or sensed by portable devices provide heterogeneous but rich resources for mobile and social media big data analysis and applications.

This workshop is devoted to the publications of high quality papers on technical developments and practical applications around mobile media big data analysis and applications. It will serve as a forum for recent advances in the fields of mobile and social media content acquisition, compression, transmission, analysis, mining, search, and emerging new applications. Relevant topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Contextual models for mobile social media analysis
  • Novel features for mobile social media analysis
  • Event recognition and detection in mobile and social media
  • Efficient learning and mining algorithms for mobile social media analysis
  • Cloud support for media big data analysis
  • Multimedia indexing and mining on mobile devices
  • Social media interaction and visualization on mobile devices
  • Media compression and transmission, including efficient text, image, video compression and transmission from mobile to server/cloud
  • Development of mobile media big data benchmarks