Graduate students

Year Name Thesis
2020 Ci-Lin Jhu Brain segmentation problems in MRI images
Zhe-Wei Kang Remote measurement point cloud data of LiDAR for processing and application
Chen-Mao Liao 3D Colon Segment Reconstruction and markup Polyp Resection position through slam from Colonoscopy Video
Pei-Ying Wang Stereo image and image registration
Hong-Jia Chen Developing deep learning based method for scirtothrips dorsalis hood detection on yellow sticky traps
Yu-Ruei Lin Analyzing the effect of gait on the knee
Po-Lin Lai Signal processing in railway safety
2019 Hsuan-Yu Shih An edge computing device integrated with both visible light and thermal cameras for real-time crowd face temperature measurement
Wen-Tse Chiu Semantic Segmentation of Lotus leaves and Canopy sprouts under Aerial photography by Variants of U-Net based Networks
Pin-Hsiu Chen A Multiple Organ Segmentation System for CT Image Series Using Squeeze-and-Excitation blocks-CLSTM Fused U-Net
Chih-Yeh Chen Training convolution neural networks with small sample size for defect detection of chip surface
Cheng-Hsuan Lin Automatic detection and counting of small yellow thrips on lotus leaf back based on YOLO combined with VDSR and DPSR network
2018 Yi-ting Wu A correlation and feasibility study for assessing prior-radiotherapy anxiety using a pair of pulse wave sensor and accelerometer
Kan-Yu Lin Doppler Radar Signal Classification with Machine Learning and Deep Learning Algorithms
Cheng-Ting Lu Exploring the effect of laser acupuncture on human meridian and endothelial function using body temperature oscillation and time-frequency analysis
Kai-Wu Wang Software and Hardware Implementation of a Multi-camera Based 3D Digital-image-correlation Method for Deformation Measurement of Elastic Objects

Cheng-Hsien Huang

Deep Learning Based Automatic Organ Segmentation Method and Integrated Solution Applied in Radiotherapy
Tzu-Ling Yang Band Selection Methods for Object Detection in Hyperspectral Imaging
Yung-Hsiang Chang Auto Segmentation of Sprout in High Resolution Aerial Image via Deep Learning Methods
2016 Ke-Wei Chen The Feasibility Analysis of Predicting Tumor Position in vivo by Respiratory Motion Track of Body Surface Markers in Radiotherapy
Yu-Hsun Cheng Design Spectral Image Correction Methods for Optical Defects in Shortwave Infrared Liquid Crystal Tunable Filters
Wei-Ting Xiao Deep Learning based Automatic Polyp Detection and Classification in Colonoscopy Video
2015 Wei-Che Chien A Study of Exercise Training Effect by Spectrum Analysis and Feature Extraction of Doppler Ultrasound at Carotid Artery Site
Po-Fu Wan Continuous Wave Radar Based Signal Analysis System for Real-time Recognition Of Moving Objects
Peng Jiun Tzeng A Comparative Study of Time Frequency Analysis Methods for Feature Extraction of Continuous Wave Radar Signals from Moving Objects
2014 Chih-Lu Lai Nailfold Capillaryscopy Based Flow Velocity Measurement And General-used User Interface
Hsin-Liang Chen Multiple View-Angle Real-Time Breathing Guidance System for Radiotherapy
2013 Wei-Yi Chang A Study of Multiple Target Tracking and Threat Assessment Algorithms for Aerial Objects
Chen-Lin Chen Nonlinear Analysis of Carotid Artery Distensibility from Transverse and Longitudinal Views of Dynamic Ultrasound Imaging
2012 Jin-For Li Acoustic Analysis for Evaluation of Carotid Artery Stenosis via Electronic Stethoscope
Yi-Wen Chen A Study of Algorithms for Automatic Retinal Image Prioritization, Stitching, and Blending
Guan-Ting Guo Automatic Calculation of Imaging Biomarkers for Muscular Dystrophy Assessment via Microscopy of Muscle in Cross Section
Chun-Chieh Huang Assessment of Carotid Artery Distensibility Using Approximate Entropy and B-mode Ultrasound Image Series
2011 Yun-Chung Liu Feature Extraction on Conjunctiva Microcirculation Imaging
You Gang Yang Spectral and Nonlinear Feature Extraction from Human Thermal Infrared Imaging
Wen-Chin Yang Temporal and Environmental Analysis of Thermographic Signal Reconstruction on Medical Infrared Imaging


Undergraduate students

Year Name Project

You-Jia Syu, Chang-Hong Li, Fong-Jie Chen

Comparative study of DFN, PAN, RefineNet for polyp segmentation in colonoscopy images
Hong-Wei Mao, Jing-Jhe Syu Benign and malignant assessment of polyps in colonoscopy through transfer learning
Ci-Lin Jhu Tissue segmentation for brain tumor in MRI images: deep learning and edge computing deployment

Sheng-Xiang Wang, Jia-Lang Chen

Flow speed analysis in nail capillaroscopy using dual window method and optical flow method
Chen-Rui You, Cheng-Hao She Vocal detection and removal in popular music
Ting-Wei Chang Comparison of 3D reconstruction performance using stereo imaging and structure light

Sing-Da Jhan, Cheng-Hsuan Lin

A graphical user interface with automatic glare removal and boundary tracing for wound image analysis
Jia-Hao Wu,Yong-Jie He Build an app to measure ECG-base HRV via a smart wristband
2016 Yu-Hsin Kuo, Jia-He Lin Detection and analysis of abnormality in electrocardiography
Ka-Meng Fong, Chak-Wa Lou, Ching-Chieh Hsu A synchronized data collection interface for nailfold capillaroscopy and electrocardiography
2014 Ying-Jen Chen, Chia-Jung Hsu An experimental study of concealed target detection using whiskbroom hyperspectral imaging
Hsin-Pei Wang, Chun-Ju Hu Estimation of blood oxygen saturation with near infrared imaging
2013 Cheng-Hong Chung, Ken-Hao Chang, Kuei-Hsin Liang A real-time imaging-based breath guidence device for radiotherapy
2012 Wei-Cheng Haung, Cing-Wei Chang Image processing and analysis for nailfold capillaroscopy
Chung-Yu Cheng, Kwan-Lin Huang Lie detection by the ratio change between the diameters of pupil and iris