Welcome to LIMRS

Our research focuses on developing imaging techniques and signal / image processing algorithms for medicine, remote sensing, and automated optical inspection (AOI) applications. The goal is to extract useful information hidden in the image or time series data. In remote sensing field, currently we are exploring several topics in hyperspectral data analysis:

  • anomaly detection
  • target classification
  • dimensionality estimation
  • band selection
  • spectral analysis

In medical imaging field, we are investigating the relationship between the human physiology and the information captured by optical imaging and ultrasound imaging. Several topics are of interest:

  • new imaging techniques and instrumentations
  • ultrasound image and doppler signal analysis
  • algorithms for image registration
  • multimodality imaging fusion
  • biomedical signal processing
  • spatial, spectral, and temporal pattern recognition

We are exploring new physiological features that can be extracted by imaging techniques or mathematical analysis. The goal is to use them for early detection of coronary diseases, abnormalities in microcirculation, deterioration during wound healing process, or any other dysfuntions in humans.