Graduate Seminar

Course Introduction Slides (last updated: Sep 23, 2002)
Course Description in MS-Word (to be uploaded!)

What are the goals of this course?

Course Contents?

There will be three kinds of talks: Doctoral Student Presentations:
  1. All presentations are encouraged to be given in English.
  2. Three presentations will be assigned for each class allocated for such presentations.
  3. Each presentation will be allocated 25 minutes, plus 5 minutes for Q&A, similar to a presentation at an international conference.
  4. The order of presentations will be notified at the start of semester, with a preliminary schedule, which is subjected to change based on the available time slots of invited speakers.
  5. A class that becomes free due to the unavailability of an invited talk, will be allocated dynamically for doctoral student presentations.

Course Grading?

WorkDeadlineGrade %
First ReportOctober 31, 200230%
Second ReportNovember 30, 200230%
Third ReportDecember 31, 200230%
Class Q&A ParticipationDuring each class10%
Score Bonus/Deduction:
  1. A student will earn 5 bonus points for each good question posed to an invited speaker.
  2. An absentee will be deducted 5 points from his semester score for each absence.
  3. An English presentation by a doctorate student will earn 20 bonus points.

Report Submisssion

Do we have any RULES?