Invited Talk

Special Topics in Computer Science
Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering
National Chung Cheng University
June 16, 2003

Mobile Internet Future



In today’s market, mobile network operators are constantly looking to develop new voice and data based services. Providing new innovative mobile multimedia applications and services will become more evident with the introduction of GPRS/EDGE (2.5G) and UMTS (3G) which support packet based traffic and more bandwidth. In the other hand, operators are faced with challenging demands to improve and extend coverage to untapped markets, while at the same time enhancing services. As a result, there is a real need for affordable and easy-to-install compact cellular communication and wireless broadband network solutions that can be responsive to visible market results. On the other hands, many wireless standards and RF technologies have been rapidly developed and adopted, the demands of heterogeneous network convergence becomes obvious. In this talk, some issues and technology will be presented.