Invited Talk

Special Topics in Computer Science
Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering
National Chung Cheng University
May 5, 2003

Information Technology for Future Competition



We are facing another civilization reform. This is a chance for Taiwan to be a broker of Western and Eastern Civilizations. Nevertheless, information technology plays a very important role in contemporary civilization and the Wintel's prosperity is based on Taiwan, Korea and Japan. We must know the truth behind and then we can manipulate it. The speaker will start at discussion of the clash and paradigm shift of civilizations with the wise sayings of western and eastern sages in historic and predictive views, talk about what is information engineering, IT specific and intensive disciplines, and its supportive occupations, the birth of information civilization and the speaker's observation of its development path since 1994, even the posthuman civilization. The speaker will also talk about future information technologies including the Third Wave of Computer Revolution, 10 Emerging Technologies, Web Services, Autonomic Computing and Dynamics System Initiatives, Media Lab Asia -- Infothela, a New DARPA, Next-Generation Technologies (SRI 2002), Strategies for Home-Networking Businesses, Robots, Bionics, and The Emotion Machine. Then the speaker will talk about some fundamental breakthrough and new directions of mathemetics and computer science. In the epilogue, the speaker will give some comments on predicting the future, SARS, and the style of life.