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Reconfigurable Computing Seminar

Course Slides

Last Updated: May 20, 2007
ChapterTitlePDF Slides in ColorPDF Slides in B&WLast Updated
N/ACourse Overviewrc00_2007.pdf (16 slides, 117 KB)2007/02/25
C1, S1Introduction to Reconfigurable Computingrc01.pdf (65 slides, 1.24 MB)rc01BW.pdf (65 slides, 0.65 MB)2007/03/05
C2, S2Reconfiguration Architecturesrc02.pdf (104 slides, 1.5 MB)rc02BW.pdf (104 slides, 1.0 MB)2007/04/02 (new!)
S3Reconfigurable Hardwarerc03.pdf (210 slides, 4.6 MB)rc03BW.pdf (210 slides, 3.0 MB)2007/05/20 (new!)
Cx: Chapter x from textbook, Sx: Self-compiled notes for Chapter x


Reconfigurable Computing Maya Gokhale and Paul S. Graham, Reconfigurable Computing: Accelerating Computation with Field-Programmable Gate Arrays,, Springer, 2005.