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Reconfigurable Computing Seminar

National Chung Cheng University
Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering


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Lecturer: Pao-Ann Hsiung

This course is primarily intended for students interested in reconfigurable systems and computing, which is a rapidly growing field in the academia and industries. We now see mobile phones having reconfigurable logic that is programmed with hardware circuits that can be upgraded online! This is similar to what we take for granted in the case of software upgrading. Now even hardware can be upgraded.

We will be using the most recent and comprehensive book in this area, authored by Maya Gokhale and Paul S. Graham from Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA, as our main textbook. However, we will be also handing out several lecture notes compiled by the lecturer Pao-Ann Hsiung and Marco Santambrogio of Italy. We will be also using two other reference books which were published recently. We will be covering lots of topics in this area, but the field is just too vast to be covered in a single semester. Further, the field is still growing and lots of things are changing. For example, partial reconfiguration techniques are still quite immature in the state-of-the-art tools and methods. There is no standard methodology in which we can do reconfigurable system design and verification. Hence, our focus of this class will be more research-oriented, which means students need to read papers and present them in class. Now, you know why the course is called a "seminar." Discussions are encouraged and grading will be affected by the class involvement and participation in discussions (10%).

We will also have several labs and assignments and a term project. There will be only one written midterm examination. There will be also some invited talks by experts in this area.

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Reconfigurable Computing Maya Gokhale and Paul S. Graham, Reconfigurable Computing: Accelerating Computation with Field-Programmable Gate Arrays,, Springer, 2005.

Reference Books

System Level Design of Reconfigurable Systems-on-Chip Nikolaos S. Voros and Konstantinos Masselos, System Level Design of Reconfigurable Systems-on-Chip, Springer, 2005.
Synthesis Techniques and Optimizations for Reconfigurable Systems Ryan Kastner, Adam Kaplan, and Majid Sarrafzadeh, Synthesis Techniques and Optimizations for Reconfigurable Systems, Kluwer Academic Publishers (now Springer), 2004.

Lecture Topics

We will be covering the following parts in this course.

IntroductionC1, S11, 2
Reconfigurable ArchitecturesC2, C3, S22, 3
Hardware DesignC4, S34, 5
Software DesignS45, 6
System DesignS57
System VerificationS69
Case StudiesC5, S711

Cx: Chapter x from Gokhale's book, Sx: Chapter x from lecture notes



Your performance in this course will be graded as follows:
Mid-Term Exam25%
Paper Reading20%
Labs and Assignments20%

Dates and Deadlines

Will be announced on course web page
To be completed within 2~3 weeks
Labs and Assignments Details
April 23, 2007Mid-Term Examwritten, closed book
April 9, 2007Project ProposalDetails
May 14, 21, June 4, 2007Paper PresentationsDetails
June 11, 2007Project Report & PresentationDetails
June 18, 2007Project DemonstrationDetails

Paper Reading


Paper Selection Sources

Paper Topics and Selection


Term Project

Project Proposal:

Project Results (25%):

Project Topics