Operating Systems

Course Introduction Slides (Updated Sep 14, 2004)
Course Description in MS-Word

Which textbook to use?

Operating System Concepts with Java, Silberschatz, Galvin, Gagne, 6th Edition , John Wiley & Sons, 2004, sNz
(Note: it is the NEW Java 6th Edition)


What will we learn from this course?

We will learn the basic CONCEPTS of Operating Systems in this course. The course will be divided into the following four parts and presented in the given order.

Overview1 -- 3September 2004
Process Management4--8October, November 2004
Storage Management9--12November, December 2004
I/O Systems 13December 2004
Distributed Systems, Security and Case Studies14--22Self Reading

What kind of apriori knowledge should I have?

You need some software programming knowledge, at least C, C++, or Java programming language.

Course Grading?

WorkDeadlineGrade %
HomeworksOne week after end of Chapter16%
Midterm TestNov 2, 3, 200430%
Nachos ProjectsNov 1, Dec 1, Jan 224%
Final ExamsJan 5, 6, 200530%

Do we have any RULES?

Click here for Course Introduction and Rules