Computer-Aided Verification
Graduate School of Computer Science and Information Engineering
National Chung Cheng University, Chiayi, Taiwan .

Computer-Aided Verification Course Tool (SGM v2.0)

Source Code of SGM v2.0 (.tar.gz format, 396 KB)
(ONLY interactive text version is included)
Source Code of BDD and MEM libraries (.tar.gz format)
(These libraries are needed for compiling SGM!)

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the above sgm2.tar.gz and bddmemlib.tar.gz files into some temporary directory such as ~/tmp.

  2. Uncompress and untar as follows:
    gzip -zxvf sgm2.tar.gz
    (A directory called sgm2 will be created!)

    Do the same for bddmemlib.tar.gz:
    gzip -zxvf bddmemlib.tar.gz
    (Two directories called bddlib and mem will be created!)

  3. Compile the libraries as follows
    cd bddlib;make
    cd ../mem;make;cd ..

  4. Copy the two libraries to the SGM directory
    cp bddlib/libbdd.a .
    cp mem/libmem.a .

  5. Compile the executable sgm as follows
    make -f makefile.sol (for Solaris OS)
    make -f makefile.linux (for Linux OS)

  6. Voila! You have your sgm executable!!!

  7. Happy SGM'ing!!!
    sgm filename.s,
    where filename.s is some input file for SGM (there are lots of those in the sgm2/examples directory.

  8. To write your OWN input file, please have a look at:
    1. the example files in the sgm2/examples directory, or
    2. the SGM USER MANUAL in: PostScript or in PDF.

Last Updated: December 12, 2001.