Java Tutorials

Introductory Prolog Tutorials

Introductory LISP and Scheme tutorials

John Hopkins University Tutorial

Summary of Allegro Common Lisp

Local quick-reference guides for Scheme and Lisp.

lang/lisp/gui/clim/clim_2/luv93tut/ CLIM 2.0 tutorials from the LUV-93 conference 86 KB

lang/lisp/impl/starlisp/tutorial/ StarLisp Tutorial: Tutorial for CM5 *Lisp 102 KB; Version: 23-JAN-94

> CLOS: Tutorials > Lisp: Tutorials Local Lisp Tutorial Introductions and Tutorials for Lisp and CLOS 45 KB

Artificial Intelligence Tutorials

University of New South Wales AI course

> Fuzzy Logic: Tutorials areas/fuzzy/doc/intro/ Introductions and Tutorials for Fuzzy Logic. 71 KB

> Neural Networks: Tutorials areas/neural/systems/nnutl/ NNUTL: C source library/tutorial for neural networks 508 KB; Version: 1.01 (2-AUG-93)

> Truth Maintenance: Tutorial areas/reasonng/tms/tutorial/ Truth Maintenance Tutorial Code 80 KB; Version: 2-OCT-91

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