Important Research Results


Most of these projects involved leading from 2 to 7 masters-degree students to design, implement, and document the software.

Years Company Project Number Project Description

  • 2007 NSC 962221E194060 Network Programming Using the Cadabia Database
  • 2006 NSC 952221E194048 Integrating the Cadabia Database into Network Development Environments
  • 2005 NSC 942213E194024 Improvements to the Cadabia Database
  • 2004 NSC 932213E194010 J2EE Class Algebra Database System (2/2)
  • 2003 NSC 922213E194019 Automatic Discovery of "Interesting" Concepts by Using Class Algebra to Analyze Web-Based Documents (Year 2: J2EE Class Algebra Database)
  • 2002 NSC 912213E194022 Automatic Discovery of "Interesting" Concepts by Using Class Algebra to Analyze Web-based Documents
  • 2000 NSC 892218E194009 A Voice XML 0.9 Development System and Evaluation System
  • 1999 NSC 892213E194006 A Secure, Distributed Java Database System with Voice Input
  • 1998 NSC 882218E194013 Java-Based Remote Windows
  • 1997 NSC 872213E194005 Ontology Reasoning System
  • 1996 NSC 862213E194004 An Object-Oriented Java-Based Database System
  • 1995 NSC 852213E194006 Using Simplified Fuzzy Logic Programs for Off-Line Chinese O.C.R.
  • 1993 NSC 830408E194003 A Form-Based Multimedia Database System
  • 1993 NSC 830408E194005 Vague Sets and Vague Logic
  • 1992 NSC 820408E194010 A Parallel Prolog Compiler for the NCube
  • 1992 NSC 820408E194003 Digital Signature Based on the Error-Correcting Codes
  • 1991 NSC 810408E19405 Special Concurrent Unification Hardware Evaluation
  • 1991 III (4 months) An Object-Oriented CASE Tool
  • 1991 NSC 810408E19410 A Prolog-Based CASE Tool
  • 1990 NSC 800408E19404 The Use of Complete Sets of Reductions in Constraint Programming
  • 1990 NSC 790408E19402 A Prolog-Based X11 Object-Oriented Toolkit
  • 1985 III Consultant for Expert System Group
  • 1984 NSC Prolog Interpreter/Compiler Implementation
  • 1986 Chiao-Tung Univ. English Grammar Correction in Prolog
  • 1984 Teng Eng Steel NC tape generation
  • 1983 ERSO Pascal compiler for MITOS operating system
  • 1982 ERSO PL/M to C-language translator
  • 1981 III Compiler-compiler for LALR(1) attributed grammars

NSC - National Science Council of the Republic of China
III - Institute for Information Industries, Taipei, R.O.C.
Chiao-Tung University Research Institute, Hsinchu, R.O.C.
ERSO - Electronics Research and Service Organization, Hsinchu, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Teng Eng, Bridge Building Dept., Hsinchu, Taiwan