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Generating Avatar of Consistent Property and Designing Interaction Usability Based on Human Factor Engineering in VR

Limitation in physical elements was one main impediment to develop virtual reality (VR). In recent years, due to the advance and popularization of hardware technology, the concept of virtual reality is becoming increasingly well known. Consequently, its related problems such as have become evident non-intuitive controls. Here, we develop a system that optimizes user experience through a smart configuration of software and hardware. Users are able to experience better visuals as well as a simpler, more intuitive control in virtual reality.
We consider the reason for poor user experience is insufficient immersion. To increase immersion, we focuses on two aspects of improving virtual reality interaction experiences: user visualization and the control mechanism. First, we construct a virtual reality system using the image and depth information to realize position, gesture, body type, and gender of a person in client environment for generating an avatar that has consistent property. In such a way, users are able to experience better visuals, and being closer to the real world. Second, we provide position-tracking based controllers and hands gesture-recognizing sensors to prevent restricting users by a single device feature, and achieve a more versatitle control compared to that in conventional methods. Moreover, we made an adaptive user interface using user real-time feedback and human factor. Therefore, users can get more suitable instructions.
Our system focuses more heavily on how to optimize the human-machine interface. Moreover, we improved the visual and interaction through adding avatar and various control. The aim is to make our system become more immersive than any other VR systems. Finally, we used scientific methods and user experience questionnaire to quantify the degree of improvement, and further validated that our system is indeed effective in immersion enhancement.

SUMMARY (中文總結):


  • Result of heatmap generation

  • Result of avatar deformation


Three tasks of our designed

Some result of deformation method.