System Flowchart Sample Point Allocation Results Single-Object Deformation Results Multiple-Object Deformation Results (I) Multiple-Object Deformation Results (II)
Animating characters in Chinese painting using two-dimensional skeleton-based deformation

Nowadays many Chinese-antique museums make famous Chinese paintings into animations to allow visitors to have feelings of actually being immersed in paintings. However, creating animations is not an easy work. First, it is laborious and time-consuming to construct each motion of animated characters. Second, Chinese paintings are drawn with ink on “Xuan” paper, which cause irregular dispersions, and these dispersions would lead to ragged borders of character, and strokes of Chinese painting character would be torn which lose the stroke line connectivity while implementing deformation. Therefore, we present an animating system to overcome these problems.
In this thesis, we focus on two technical issues: sample point processing and animation generation. In sample point processing section, we put emphasis on sample point distribution and allocation which are the preprocessing of object deformation. We propose a point distribution method to preserve connectivity of stroke line of object and implement a weight scheme to decide control bone of individual sample points. Then our animation generation method includes two parts. First, we use skeleton-based deformation which is designed according to characteristics of Chinese paintings, to generate key frames through user-provided skeleton. Second, we use interpolation method to create smooth animations. Our system could apply to multiple-character and multiple-skeleton animations.

SUMMARY (中文總結):
我們的研究著重於採樣點(sample point)處理以及動畫生成兩個部分。採樣點處理的部分,我們利用一個新的佈點方法來保持物件線條的連接性,也透過計算採樣點和骨架之間的關係,並結合我們提出的權重方法來找出每一個採樣點的控制骨架。而在動畫生成的部分,利用我們根據中國畫的特性設計的變形方法來生成出動畫的關鍵格(key frame),再利用內插方法生成中間格(in-between frame)。我們的系統也可以應用到多個角色以及多組骨架的動畫。

PROJECT MATERIAL: (picture gallery, video, software demo,talk slides, etc.)

    [1] 素材公社,2013,牧童與鳥籠,URL

    [2] 趙孟頫, 中國元朝, 人騎圖, URL

    [3] 暱圖網,2012,魚樂圖,URL

    [4] 黃胄,2012,牛,URL,12c313.html

    [5] 找圖網,2009,金魚,URL

    [6] 張曦文,2014,神遊圖,URL