My Research Interests on Networked Video:

o        Video Streaming

§         Video Streaming over Internet

§         Video on Demand

§         Video Streaming with Digital VCR Functionality

§         Unicasitng/Multicasting/Broadcasting

§         Network-aware Video Coding/transcoding

§         MPEG-1/MPEG-2/MPEG-4

§         H.263/H.263+/H.26L

§         FGS

§         Error-resilience coding

§         Buffering/Flow Control/Congestion Control

§         Error Recovery/Error Concealment

§         Media Cache/Proxy/Gateway

§         Video Streaming over Access Networks (ADSL, Cable Modem, etc.)


o        Video Surveillance

§         Real-time Segmentation of Region of Interest (Intruders, Dangerous Objects,  etc)

§         Real-time Software-based Video Compression

§         Video Transport over IP Networks

§         Error resilience

§         Network bandwidth adaptation

§         Region of Interest (ROI) Quality Enhancement

§         Automatic Event Detection and alarm issuing

§         Watermarking of the Recorded Video


o        Video Indexing/Retrieval/Summarization/Browsing

§         Shot Boundary Detection

§         Scene Change Detection

§         Motion Trajectory Tracking & Matching

§         Video Feature Extraction & Searching

§         GUI for Video Retrieval

§         Compressed-Domain Video Processing


o        Wireless Video Transport

§         Wireless Video Transport for 3G Terminals

§         Wireless Channel Modeling & Prediction

§         Error Robust Video Transport over Wireless Networks

§         Video Streaming over Wireless Networks