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Location Laboratory name Professor Ext.
203Advance Distributed and Pervasive Technology Laboratory Ren-Song Ko23003
301AHigh-Speed Multimedia Computing Laboratory Sing-Ling Lee23122
301AProgramming Languages Laboratory Nai-Wei Lin23122
301BData Mining and Parallel Computing Lab Jyh-Jong Tsay23123
301BMultimedia Computing Laboratory Wei-Ta Chu23123
305Embedded Real-Time Systems Laboratory Pao-Ann Hsiung23125
308Image/Video Processing Laboratory Jin-Jang Leou23126
308Advanced Wireless Networks Research Lab Jeng-Farn Lee23126
308Computational Visual Cognition Laboratory Wei-Yang Lin23126
315Fuzzy Systems and Neural Networks Laboratory Pao-Ta Yu23130
401cMedical Image Laboratory Chia-Ling Tsai23134
405Computation Theory Laboratory Maw-Shang Chang23135
405Bioinformatics laboratory Yao-Ting Huang23135
408System architecture Laboratory Tien-Fu Chen
Jiun-In Guo
408Wireles IP Multimedia Communication Laboratory Wei-Kuo Chiang
409Multimedia and Network Security Laboratory Chin-Chen Chang23138
410Data Visualization Laboratory Shing-Min Liu23139
410GAIS Laboratory Sun Wu23139
505Computational Intelligence Laboratory Chuan-Kang Ting16550
508Laboratory of Imaging in Medicine and Remote Sensing Wei-Min Liu23124
Inno304High Performance Computing Laboratory(HPC Lab) Peng-Sheng Chen23157
Inno306Operating System Labaratory Shi-Wu Lo23158
Inno308Mobile Computing and NetWorking Laboratory Chi-Fu Huang23159
Inno310Machine Vision and Learning Lab Chen-Kuo Chiang23160
Inno317Data Management Laboratory Yu-Ling Hsueh23161
Inno331High-Speed Network Group Laboratory Ren-Hung Hwang
Jeng-Muh Hsu
Inno331System Integration Laboratory Rong-Guey Chang23156

Public Laboratory
LocationLaboratory name
401Workstation Laboratory
206PC Laboratory
000Office Processing Laboratory
501Network Laboratory
509PC Laboratory

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